Data-based Individualization (DBI)

Resource Pages
Breaking Down the DBI Process

Resource page with links to the National Center on Intensive Intervention's Data-based individualization (DBI) materials and resources.

Breaking Down the DBI Process

This diagram is a visual representation of the DBI process.

Introduction to Intensive Intervention

The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) developed these self-paced, on-line module provides an overview of DBI. 

DBI Professional Learning Series

These modules support campuses and districts involved with implementing DBI.

Information for Parents

This page provides detailed information for parents, including access to a graphic overview for parents and families. There is another graphic available that provides tips for parents and families on how to support intensive intervention.

Strategies, Tools and Resources to Support Intensifying Interventions

NCII shares strategies on intensifying interventions for:

Tools to Support Intensive Intervention and DBI: