Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT) App

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The Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT)

The Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT) for elementary schools is a web-based app that helps campus leaders monitor progress in meeting campus goals to prevent learning difficulties within a response to intervention framework. The RTI-PMT gives campus leaders the “big picture” of how the campus RTI model is working to reduce the numbers of at-risk students over time. Using the tool over the course of an academic year allows campus leaders to identify areas where additional support is needed and to communicate progress towards achieving year-end goals with stakeholders. (To learn more about how to use the app to monitor your campus’ RTI-implementation, watch our “How To” module.)

Why use it?

The RTI-PMT provides at-a-glance graphic information about how intervention is being provided at three levels: classroom, grade, and campus.

  • Classroom teachers simply list the names of at-risk students, assign them to interventions, and monitor their response to the interventions over time.
  • Grade-level teams can group students and prioritize research-based strategies for intervention.
  • Campus-level teams can quickly identify resources needed (schedules, staffing, professional development), and monitor progress towards campus goals.

The RTI-PMT relies on simple data to provide a snapshot of how many students are assigned to intervention settings, rather than individual students’ scores. Grade-level and campus leaders can immediately identify problems and identify steps they can take to improve student outcomes. For example, when at-risk second graders are moving to more intense intervention settings rather than improving and exiting interventions, leaders can investigate further to determine where additional support is needed. Perhaps a new teacher is struggling just to provide Tier I assistance and needs additional support, or the entire second grade team needs additional professional development, or the intervention schedule simply needs to be adjusted.

The RTI-PMT app is housed on your local campus server (all data reside on your database) and is accessed with teachers’ electronic tablets or computers. Your campus data coordinator can complete a form here to download a free copy of the RTI-PMT. The data coordinator also will need to read and agree to the licensing agreement. Once the form is completed and you read and agree to the end user licensing agreement, the RTI-PMT will automatically download to your computer. Directions for installing and using the RTI-PMT are provided here.

Please note: Your campus must have access to a local server and access to a database to use the RTI-PMT.