3-Tier Math Model Intervention: Tier 3 (English)

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Resource Pages

This section provides information for educators to successfully deliver the booster lessons in the Tier 3 materials to Grade 2 students identified as having severe mathematics difficulties (see the assessment page for measures that educators can use for identification purposes).


The purpose of the 3-Tier Mathematics Tier 3 Intervention Project is to provide second-grade educators with the intervention lessons, teacher masters, student materials, and progress- monitoring tools needed to conduct Tier 3 intervention with students who are identified as having severe mathematics difficulties and who are not sufficiently benefiting from Tier 2 intervention.

Mathematical Concepts and Skills

The Tier 3 intervention content and skills align with the TEKS. To assist educators, each lesson specifies the TEKS addressed. The lessons also align with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Points (2006) for first and second grades. The Tier 3 booster lessons teach the following concepts and skills:

  • Addition/Subtraction Combinations (ASC)
  • Place Value (PV)
  • Magnitude Comparison (MC)
  • Number Sequences (NS)


The Tier 3 intervention is composed of 5 modules. Each module lasts for 3 school weeks. Each module has 12 days of lessons. Each day of lessons includes 2 overall lessons and 1 Cumulative Review, 1 Read & Write Numbers, and 1 Warm-Up. Fridays are reserved for progress monitoring (Aim Checks A-E) and games.