3-Tier Math Model Intervention: Tier 2 (English) for Kindergarten

Resource Pages
Resource Pages


The Tier 2 intervention booster lessons include mathematical concepts and skills that are aligned with the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for mathematics. Each booster lesson lists the TEKS that are taught in that lesson. As such, teachers can incorporate Tier 2 intervention into their district’s curriculum.

The following mathematical concepts and skills are taught in the kindergarten Tier 2 lessons:

  • Number Sense (NS)
  • Number Building (NB)



  • School year: There are 11 units to be completed over the course of the school year.
  • 2-week period: Each unit consists of 8 lessons and takes 2 weeks.
  • Week: Mondays through Thursdays are lesson days. Fridays are reserved for progress monitoring, games, review, etc.
  • Day: Each day includes a warm-up and 1 lesson.
  • Lesson: Each lesson teaches 1 of the 5 skills and includes:
    • Preview
    • Modeled Practice (My Turn, Your Turn) *
    • Guided Practice (Our Turn)
    • Error Correction
    • Independent Practice/Progress Monitoring (Your Turn)*

*Based on whether the students have seen the concept before or are just learning the concept, in some lessons, there may not be Modeled Practice or Independent Practice.

SAIL Booklet and Games

While K–2 teachers conduct intervention lessons with small groups or individual students, the rest of the class may use the activities and games provided in the Strategies and Activities for Independent Learning — Mathematics (“SAIL Into Math”) booklet in student-led learning centers or stations. Developed from research findings, teacher input, and feedback from state specialists, the SAIL Into Math booklet provides blackline masters of games and activities, organized by grade level and mathematical concept. Suggestions for scaffolding activities and games are also included to meet the various needs of diverse learners. Finally, the activities and games in the SAIL Into Math booklet align with the Texas Response to the Curriculum Focal Points (TXRCFP) and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS); specific TEKS are listed at the top of each activity.