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  • Is grade retention an effective intervention?
    Is grade retention an effective intervention?

    Online professional development model exploring the topic of grade retention, including why students are retained, risk factors for retention, short-term and long-term outcomes for students who are retained, and alternatives to retention. 

  • RTI and Parent Involvement
    RTI and Parent Involvement

    Online professional development model designed to help educators understand parent notification requirements when a child receives intervention, particularly in a school that is implementing a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) or response-to-intervention (RTI) framework.

  • Questions to answer
    Using Research to Support RTI Implementation in Reading

    Online professional development model focusing on how to use research to support your implementation of response to intervention, or RTI, in the area of reading.

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The Building RTI Capacity for Implementation in Texas Schools project is part of the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER) within the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Funded by the Texas Education Agency through August 2019, we promote evidence-based practices and resources to build Texas schools’ capacity for implementing Response to Intervention (RTI). Our goal is to help schools use RTI to increase student achievement by reducing the number of students with learning and behavior difficulties.

Explore our website to find resources to enhance RTI implementation on your campus. You’ll find information, instructional strategies, and tools for campus leaders, teachers, interventionists, student evaluation personnel, counselors, and parents—all the stakeholders who support student success in your school.